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Surface Luminaires: Illuminating Spaces with Dynamic Designs and Efficient Lighting

Step into the captivating world of Oland Surface Luminaires, where the brilliance of surface ceiling lights and the versatility of surface mounted ceiling lights unite to create a harmonious blend of dynamic designs and efficient lighting. Our luminaires boast unique aesthetics and high-performance lighting, offering a perfect combination of comfort and charm to enhance your space.


Dynamic Aesthetics: The Art of Surface Ceiling Lights and Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights

Oland Surface Luminaires' surface ceiling lights and surface mounted ceiling lights stand out with their sleek, minimalist, and refined designs. The surface ceiling lights gracefully adorn your ceiling like flowing light, casting a warm and inviting ambiance. On the other hand, the surface mounted ceiling lights seamlessly merge with the ceiling, adding a touch of dynamism and versatility to your space. Together, they present an integration of dynamic aesthetics and efficient lighting, making them exceptional focal points in any setting.

The surface ceiling lights are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. With their elongated and streamlined forms, they effortlessly blend into modern interiors, creating an air of sophistication and charm. Crafted with precision using high-quality materials such as pure aluminum and high impact strength PMMA, these lights boast durability and timeless design. The designed LED circuits ensure efficient lighting with excellent luminous efficacy, providing ample illumination while consuming minimal energy.

On the other hand, the surface mounted ceiling lights exude modernity and flexibility. These luminaires skillfully integrate LED lighting systems within the ceiling, offering a seamless and visually pleasing lighting experience. The brand SMD LED chips provide superior luminous efficiency, and single CCT or the adjustable color temperature (CCT) options that allow you to tailor the lighting ambiance to suit various moods and activities. With their slim profile and contemporary appeal, the surface mounted ceiling lights complement a wide range of interior styles, making them an ideal choice for offices, healthcare facilities, and educational settings.


Versatility and Practicality: The Intelligent Lighting Experience of Surface Ceiling Lights and Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights

These Surface Luminaires not only impress with their design aesthetics but also possess intelligent lighting features. With flexible dimming and color temperature adjustment, you can easily customize the brightness and hue of the lighting to suit various needs and scenarios. Whether it's an office space, living room, or bedroom, surface ceiling lights and surface mounted ceiling lights cater to your diverse lighting requirements.

In a modern office setting, the surface mounted ceiling lights provide efficient and uniform illumination, enhancing productivity and creating a conducive work environment. With their adjustable brightness and color temperature change, employees can personalize their lighting experience to suit their tasks and preferences, promoting a comfortable and productive workspace.

In residential spaces, the surface ceiling lights add a touch of elegance to the interiors. The adjustable brightness function allows homeowners to create the desired ambiance, whether it's a warm and cozy atmosphere for relaxation or bright and vibrant lighting for gatherings and activities.


surface ceiling light

surface mounted ceiling lights


Environmentally Friendly: The Green Lighting Choice of Surface Ceiling Lights and Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights

As modern lighting products, surface ceiling lights and surface mounted ceiling lights incorporate efficient LED technology, boasting exceptional energy efficiency and a long lifespan. Through smart lighting controls, you can precisely regulate the illumination, reducing energy consumption and contributing to a sustainable environment. Choosing these green lighting products not only brings comfort and beauty to your space but also supports sustainable development.

The brand LED chips and famous brand drivers used in our luminaires which are the standard option ensure optimal energy efficiency and a longer operational life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste. Additionally, the LED technology emits less heat, contributing to reduced energy consumption and creating a more comfortable environment. By choosing Oland Surface Luminaires, you are making a conscious choice to contribute to environmental preservation and energy conservation.



Oland Surface Luminaires' surface ceiling lights and surface mounted ceiling lights seamlessly combine design aesthetics and lighting efficiency, creating a world of dynamic illumination. Whether you seek a cozy home environment or a productive workspace, these luminaires are your ideal choice. Embrace the fusion of dynamic aesthetics and efficient lighting as they brighten your life. Explore the remarkable lighting world of Oland Surface Luminaires and let light and shadows coexist in perfect harmony. With their versatile designs, intelligent features, and eco-friendly technology, these luminaires exemplify the perfect union of form and function, elevating your living and working spaces to new heights of brilliance and elegance. Experience the beauty of surface ceiling lights and surface mounted ceiling lights as they create an inviting and captivating atmosphere in every corner of your space, infusing your life with warmth and brilliance.