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BFE 1531A Floor lamp
BFE 1531A Floor lamp1
BFE 1531A Floor lamp
BFE 1531A Floor lamp1

BFE-1531A New design Aluminium Floor Lamp 144W 3000/4000/5000K KUGR≤11 CRI≥99 With Touch Panel Body Sensor for Office Conference Room Study Table

Size 750(L)*320(W)*1940(H)
LED LED bulbs
CCT 3000/4000/5000K+Stepless dimming
CRI ≥99
Colour White/Black
Input AC 220-240V
Output DC up:36V /1500MA Down:36V/2500MA
Driver /
Power 144W
Efficiency /
Material Aluminum+PMMA
  • Illuminate Your Workspace: The New Smart Floor Lamp
  • In modern office environments, lighting is more than just a tool for visibility—it is crucial for enhancing productivity and comfort. Our newly designed floor lamp combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, specifically crafted for use in offices, conference rooms, and desks.
  • Key Features:
  • 1.Touch Panel Control:
  • Effortlessly adjust the brightness and color temperature with a simple touch, tailored to meet the needs of various settings.
  • 2.Human Motion Sensor:
  • Intelligent sensing technology automatically turns the light on and off as you enter or leave the room, promoting energy efficiency and convenience.
  • 3.Sunlight-like Illumination:
  • Specially designed light source emits light that closely mimics natural sunlight, reducing eye strain and enhancing comfort and productivity.
  • Ideal For:
  • Offices:
  • Provides soft yet bright illumination to keep you alert and focused during long working hours.
  • Conference Rooms:
  • Smart sensing and touch control create a professional and comfortable environment for meetings.
  • Desks:
  • Sunlight-like light protects your eyesight, making studying and reading more enjoyable.
  • Choose our new floor lamp to bring an unparalleled lighting experience to your workspace. Whether for work, meetings, or reading, it meets the highest standards of functionality and design.
  • Illuminate Your Mind, Boost Your Efficiency—Experience the New Smart Floor Lamp!
  • Discover the perfect blend of technology and design with our latest smart lighting solution.
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