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BPE 1113 suspended light
BPE 1113 Suspended light2
BPE 1113 Suspended light3
BPE 1113 Suspended light 1
BPE 1113 suspended light
BPE 1113 Suspended light2
BPE 1113 Suspended light3
BPE 1113 Suspended light 1

BPE-1113 SAMSUNG 2835 Aluminum Suspended light CRI > 90 Easy to install Pendant lamp For restaurant hotel office

Size 1250(L) × 50(W) × 80(H)mm
CCT 3000/4000K
CRI ≥90
Colour Black
Input AC 220-240V
Output DC 36V/1400mA
Driver BOKE
Power Up: 21.6W Down:28.8W
Efficiency down light 48 Lm/W / up light 56 Lm/W
Material Aluminum
  • Breaking away from the conventional pendant light styles, the aluminum pendant light introduces a new sense of beauty to your space through clever design. Meticulously sculpted contours create an artistic presence, as if a masterpiece is suspended from the ceiling, infusing the entire space with a unique charm.
  • The aluminum pendant light showcases impeccable taste not only in its shape but also in color coordination. With a variety of color options, it caters to your overall space style or allows for unique color combinations based on personal preferences. Soft and warm light reflects off the aluminum surface, enhancing the space with a delightful play of light and shadow.
  • One major advantage of the aluminum pendant light is its energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. Featuring high-efficiency LED light sources, it provides bright and durable illumination while effectively reducing energy consumption. Embracing a green design philosophy, it lets you enjoy the art of lighting while fulfilling your responsibility to the planet.
  • The aluminum pendant light represents a noble and elegant quality, making it a standout in contemporary design. Exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials ensure the pendant light's longevity, adding an enduring touch of quality radiance to your living space.
  • The aluminum pendant light stands as a new focal point in space design, a symbol of modern artistry. Let its unique beauty illuminate your life, infusing your space with warmth, art, and a touch of fashion.
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