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LED lighting industry patent drama why constantly staged


The patent war is a continuous topic within the LED trade, and there's a growing trend. specially, the activities of foreign LED corporations like capital of South Korea Semiconductor, Nichia Chemical, Toyota artificial, and Osram area unit frequent.


Seoul Semiconductor receives a permanent lock-up order against violation within the North American nation


Seoul Semiconductor issued a promulgation stating that it won a violation case against Service Lighting And Electrical provides, Inc. (hereinafter stated as ""), the operator of the most important LED lighting on-line sales platform "" within the us. the merchandise received a permanent lock-up order.



Generally, in North American nation patent proceedings, albeit it's found to be infringing, it'll solely confirm that the infringer pays the licensing fee in line with a particular share of the sales quantity. The final injunction is incredibly rare. Prohibition of sales is simply granted if the technical worth of the patent is incredibly high and therefore the sale of the infringer isn't prohibited, inflicting irreparable injury to the discoverer. In fact, quite four,000 patent litigations area unit filed annually within the us, however fewer than ten cases per annum receive a “permanent lock-up order”.


In the patent case filed in capital of South Korea in Gregorian calendar month 2018 and August 2019 in capital of South Korea, the court not solely prohibited the infringing party from mercantilism infringing product, however conjointly set to recall all the product oversubscribed. Previously, the German District Court had dominated that Everlight Electronics' Taiwanese LED manufacturer's '2835 LED package' product, that was circulated by house cat physics, legitimate a violation against capital of South Korea Semiconductor and free the sale of the merchandise. A permanent ban, whereas ordering remembers of connected product oversubscribed since February 2017.



The effectiveness of this judgment applies not solely to the prosecution of quite fifty lighting and alternative connected product, however conjointly to all or any LED luminaires victimization similar proprietary technologies. once capital of South Korea Semiconductor discovers extra infringing product and submits proof to the court, the court shall build a ban on sales of those product in accordance with the outline procedure.


This patent could be a total of ten core technologies for the manufacture of LED luminaires, together with the "Multi-Wavelength Insulation Reflector" wide employed in the Mid-Power package of zero.5W to 3W. "Multi Junction Technology" within which a plurality of LED chips area unit collected during a little light-emitting surface, a driver technology as a current conversion and loop management integrated device, and a method for rising package sturdiness. Among them, "multi-junction chip technology" is employed for high-voltage lighting product of 12V and on top of, and is that the Acrich technology that capital of South Korea Semiconductor fancied within the world. With the straightforward style changes of good phones, LEDs as their main accessories have step by step modified to the second generation of high-efficiency, high-quality product. capital of South Korea Semiconductor's patent proceedings of good phones is additionally a case to keep up this second-generation technology.


Comparison table of changes in characteristics of LED technology


On behalf of the director of capital of South Korea Semiconductor Li Yixun, "I hope that the success story of capital of South Korea Semiconductor will bring hope to Korean teenagers and SMEs United Nations agency challenge their dreams", "with the hope of giving very little hope to young entrepreneurs, to steal technology and therefore the company of personnel is willing to fight all the thanks to touch upon it."



Seoul Semiconductor LED Patent Technology


Osram filed a patent case within the North American nation


Recently, OSRAM proclaimed that it's filed a patent case against the North American nation LED lighting product manufacturer Lighting Science cluster (LSG) and its subsidiary Healthe, Inc. within the North American nation District Court for Delaware.


According to the news, OSRAM advocates that LSG and its subsidiaries infringe on its eight patents (US Patent Nos. 6,848,819 7,045,956 7,227,191 7,642,734 7,957,146 7,994,519 9,241,392 and 9,698,282), and therefore the proprietary technology covers LED lighting solutions, LED lighting systems and their elements.